Wide-Field Imaging From Space

Conference To Be Held 
May 16-18, 2004

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, California

General Information:

A conference on Wide-Field Imaging From Space will be held May 16-18, 2004 at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  The conference will focus on the scientific opportunities afforded by wide-field imaging from space in the optical and near-infrared.  In addition to invited presentations, there will be a number of contributed talks, as well as prominent poster sessions.  Posters submitted electronically will be available throughout the conference on the wireless network.   Online registration system will be available starting in December 2003.  For any questions, please email widefield@lbl.gov.


Conference Registration:
Before April 16, 2004, the registration fee is $250.  For students, the fee is $125.
After April 16 2004, the late registration fee is $300.  For students, the late fee is $150.
There is also a separate banquet fee of $33 for the Sunday night dinner. The deadline to sign up for the dinner is May 7th. Those giving poster presentations should definitely register by May 7th. Online registration closes on May 12th. After May 12th, please register at the door. Registration will remain open as long as there is room available.

Poster Abstract and Poster Submissions:
The abstracts for the posters are due by May 7th. Please also email your posters in PDF format by May 7th. Late receipts will be electronically posted as time allows; for very late ones please bring a PDF copy on USB key or CD

Hotel Registration:
Make your hotel reservations by April 16, 2004 at the Doubletree, Durant, Bancroft, or Claremont hotels.


Dark Energy and Dark Matter
Weak and Strong Lensing
Large Scale Structure
Clusters of Galaxies
Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Stellar Populations
Galactic Structure
The Solar System
Wide-Field Surveys From Space at Other Wavelengths
Complementary Ground-Based Surveys
Technology and Future Missions
Star Formation

Confirmed Speakers:

Greg Aldering
Joao Alves

Gibor Basri
Gary Bernstein

Neil Brandt
Tom Brown
Richard Ellis

Dan Eisenstein
Xiaohui Fan
Andy Fruchter
Mauro Giavalisco
Karl Glazebrook
Josh Grindlay
Andy Gould

Bertrand Goldman
David Helfand

Catherine Heymens
David Hogg

Steve Kahn
Robert Kirshner

Anton Koekemoer
Rocky Kolb (Sunday dinner speaker)

Tod Lauer
Chris Martin
Sangeeta Malhotra
Phil Marshall
Chris Martin
Lexi Moustakas
Heidi Newberg

Ray Orbach (Monday reception remarks)
Alexandre Refregier
Michael Rich

Kazuhiro Sekiguchi
Rachel Somerville

Karl Stapelfeldt
Rachel Webster

David Weinberg
Ned Wright
Peter Van Dokkum
Lin Yan
Wei Zheng
Steve Zepf

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Gary Bernstein
Ray Carlberg
Richard Ellis
Harry Ferguson
Marijn Franx
Andy Fruchter (Chair)
Garth Illingworth
Olivier Le Fevre
Carol Lonsdale
Alain Mazure
Tim McKay
Saul Perlmutter
Neill Reid
Michael Rich
Michael Strauss
Meg Urry
Rachel Webster
Martin White

Local Organizing Committee:

Greg Aldering (Chair)
Eric Linder (Co-Chair)
Kathleen Brower (Conference Coordinator)
Masaaki Yamato (Conference Secretary)

Contact Information:

Email: widefield@lbl.gov.
Telephone: 510-486-7689
Fax: 510-486-7115
Widefield LOC
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
One Cyclotron Road, MS: 50R6048

Berkeley, CA 94720-8164 USA

As Of: 7 May 2004